Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where I've knit

Oh oh oh! Kat is having a contest about where you have knit, which I think is cool. Here are mine:

1. On the banks of the River Kwai, Thailand.
2. On the coastof Maine.
3. The MARC Train-- especially fun when the train quits from heat exhaustion and you and hundreds of other commuters are stuck in a car without air conditioning. And you wonder why everyone carries those little bottles in paper bags they got from the conveniently-next-to -the-MARC entrance liquor store.
4. The T. Same thing, different city. Less break downs though.
5. Harvard Law School, outside on a sunny Boston day. (That has got to be up there in rarity!)

Baaaaad Blogger

Ok, I suck. But it is nice out, and I'm going to see the Yarn Harlot!!!!! today at Porter Square Books. I couldn't wait to tell you. I also have made it to the actual jaywalker pattern on my jaywalker sock I started in Kanchanaburi. I like that the yarn has been all over the world with me. I'll post a pic of that soon, because I got rechargeable batteries for my camera! Maybe the sock will meet the Yarn Harlot's sock! Also I found this pic of Jenn knitting just before New Years at home back in RI. I miss RI and having all my friends there!jennknitting

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Too many pictureless posts make a bad blog

This is the first day in two months when I haven't either been in Baltimore or doing clinic. So, I knit. On one of my UFOs, the urban outfitter's circle shrug that I started in October. I made progress. I am hoping to knit some more soon. I also have about four rounds of ribbing on my first Jaywalker done. It has seen all different parts of Thailand and Kuala Lumpur. But it isn't much to look at. Yet. I'll get some pictures up of the sights it saw and some boring mock rib on my urban outfitter's shrug. I promise. I know my hiatus has sort of caused all three readers I had to do something better with their time, but I swear, this thing is going to be looking up soon! I'm not usually so fickle, just some unusually fascinating law school things going on. As soon as I knitted again, I blogged!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bridge Over the River Kwai

I walked over the Bridge over the River Kwai today. I'm doing some work with refugees in Thailand for winter term. Don't worry, there is knitting relevance! First off, I didn't end up knitting on my like 30 hour journey because I made the mistake of not casting on the socks I wanted to knit before I left. So I read and watched movies and slept and drooled on my neighbor instead. But I think soon I will cast them on, I'm finally not horribly jet lagged.

Also: The refugee population I'm working with has 84 weavers/knitters in it. People love fiber around the world. I haven't met any yet, but if I do, I'll report back. Expect bloggage to be spotty and pictureless for the next three weeks, but I'll try to mention any stunning knitting news.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We have matching computers

So, I don't have internet when I'm home in the RI. But my friends do! And we have matching computers.

Christmas knitting: I was not very ambitious, but I was still down to the wire due to putting of knitting until I had "studied" and "taken" my administrative law final and copyright law final. But, now that I just have a 25 page paper to write before I head to Thailand on the 1st it is all party, all the time. Does anyone know any thai yarn shops? I will be in a couple spots to get some cool Karenni weaving hopefully. So, back to christmas knitting. I knit a pair of mittens for my Aunt who asked me for mittens a couple of months ago--this was the only project done on time. I used lamb's pride bulky in persian peacock, and the SNB "fluffy cuff" mitten pattern. And I didn't take a picture.

Mom's Grandma Mittens:

Ok, mitten. I'm about halfway through the other one. Didn't quiiiiiite make it. But mom is really happy, because of the sentimentality of grandma mittens. These particular mittens are made w/two strands of Lamb's Pride worsted in kiwi held together. I think lamb's pride makes good mittens. Also in the picture is the christmas tree, vogue knitting that my mom got me! (thanks mom, you are awesome!) and an awesome pillow I got my mom at the Bizaar Bizzare in Boston this year. Also that red thing is a tote from Old Navy my sister got my mom. Because you all wanted to know!

Allie's Scarf:

A Random Drop Stitch Scarf (i.e. I just yo'd as many times as I felt like) made from one skein of Noro Iro. This was pretty fun to make, especially the part that I made in the car to and from my grandpa's house with my sister in the car on Christmas day. At least it was done before Christmas dinner!

So I cooked for Christmas dinner--Thai curry! It was awesome. I can't cook, so you all probably have no idea what a HUGE accomplishment this was.

Yesterday I checked out a yarn store in Providence, A stitch above. It was ok. Nothing to write home about. But I got to go with Jenn!!! Also I had a panic moment where I misplaced my credit card. But I bought stuff anyways! Cuz Jenn is that cool! And when I got home I realized it was wrapped up with the rules for the video store membership I just got. Crisis Avoided! Here is the haul:


Mmmmmm, sock yarn. So I have a couple of 24+ hour travels ahead of me, and what can be better than socks for that? Here you see some Lorna's Laces shepard sock in Ravenswood and some Artyarns Ultramerino4 and size 1s and 2s Inox dpns. mmmmmm, Travel knitting.

I will try not to abandon all you faithful readers for so long in the future (all three of you, hello!!) and show you when I have two green Grandma mittens and what I might cast on next. It might be made out of homespun... Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bad Law Student, Good Blogger

So yesterday I didn't let myself do a blog entry because I did such little work on studying for admin law. Admin law is interesting, I just got distracted. So I did a bit better today, and now I get to blog!

Answering Christine's question from the comments: I'm from Rhode Island, but I currently live in Cambridge most of the time, except for vacations, which I spend in RI or Baltimore. I love RI and would love to go back, but I don't think that I'll be able to get a job there. Maybe I could, but I'm not sure if it would be the sort of job I'd like to have. At any rate, I have a little time to figure it out. For the next year and a half I'll be right here in my apartment with lovely hardwood floors and drafty bay windows.

So, the best part of knitblogging is of course pictures. This is a very small hat I knit a few days ago for a baby shower for my cousin's baby-to-be. I'm excited, it is the first baby cousin. I have a neice and a nephew, but they are not babies and so, while very exciting, they do not get little knitted things like this:

And I bought this one, which was handknit somewhere in South America, and is totally totally cute! It has a felt llama and a cactus! Soooooo awesome.

And now for some current projects:

First, gratuitous yarn porn. I bought both of these last weekend. I found the skein of handspun at the Bazaar Bizarre in the South End last weekend. It is from misshawklet and is really beautiful blues and greens. I think I might make something out of it for someone for christmas, or keep it. The ball in the middle is Noro Iro that will become a scarf for my sister really soon! Before Christmas!! It is green and brown and sky blue and grey, it is really nice, and one of the only non super girly colors I've seen. My sister is too cool for girly colors.

This is me starting new Grandma Mittens for my mom. My sister got some last year, now it is my mom's turn. This pattern is really interesting-- basically you are knitting at a very tight gauge for the yarn, at least the way my Grandmother modified it (fortunately she wrote notes) so the fabric is v. stiff. I can understand why, knitting mittens for seven kids in the Maine winter. My grandmother was a professor, so I can see her not really wanting to make new mittens every year. Really, I can't see anyone wanting to knit new mittens every year for seven children. At any rate, I only have a little bit of the cuff done. I'll post progress as progress is made.

OK, now I get to knit for half an hour, then I get to study more, because studying is its own reward!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Trying out some pictures

Here is a cabled clutch that I made for a swap in the fall:

There were multiple threads talking about cabled bags that were selling for like $160 or so in L.A on craftster. I was like "that is a square. I can knit squares, even with cables, in very little time indeed! How exciting!" So with my trusty lamb's pride in pine (for some reason I LOVE that color) I whipped this up in an evening or two. Then I sewed the lining, which was a little wonky. And then I decorated it.

Here is one of a pair of mittens I knit for my sister last year for christmas:


This was the pattern that my grandmother used to knit for my mom and my aunts and uncles. I updated it with some Noro Kureyon (held together with brown Cascade 220) and my sister wears them all the time. Very sentimental. I am making another pair for my mother in a more demure spring green to match her winter coat.

I love knitting, I don't know why. These are the only things I have pictures of so far, but you can rest assured that with this blog as an excuse I will take pictures galore. Next time: yarn I bought for no apparent reason. Mmmmmm, yarn, you beat admin law every single time. Even though admin law is pretty cool, compared to what else I could be learning!

I use the internet when I should be doing other things

I am a latecomer. I like the internet, I use it a lot, but when it comes to putting myself out there... well I guess actually I was a first adopter in a weird way, but we won't talk about it in now. Suffice it to say, I'm the last one out there to start a knit blog. Way to jump on the trend and kill it in the process Sarah! I'll try to be witty, and I love to read your blogs, so maybe you'll love to read mine. Like a way to give back... of course I start this new project at kind of an inconvenient time.. The holidays etc. and then I'll be out of the country for a month. But if I can get through that, I can blog through anything! TIme to persevere and hopefully post some nice pics along the way.


This is a test post.