Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bad Law Student, Good Blogger

So yesterday I didn't let myself do a blog entry because I did such little work on studying for admin law. Admin law is interesting, I just got distracted. So I did a bit better today, and now I get to blog!

Answering Christine's question from the comments: I'm from Rhode Island, but I currently live in Cambridge most of the time, except for vacations, which I spend in RI or Baltimore. I love RI and would love to go back, but I don't think that I'll be able to get a job there. Maybe I could, but I'm not sure if it would be the sort of job I'd like to have. At any rate, I have a little time to figure it out. For the next year and a half I'll be right here in my apartment with lovely hardwood floors and drafty bay windows.

So, the best part of knitblogging is of course pictures. This is a very small hat I knit a few days ago for a baby shower for my cousin's baby-to-be. I'm excited, it is the first baby cousin. I have a neice and a nephew, but they are not babies and so, while very exciting, they do not get little knitted things like this:

And I bought this one, which was handknit somewhere in South America, and is totally totally cute! It has a felt llama and a cactus! Soooooo awesome.

And now for some current projects:

First, gratuitous yarn porn. I bought both of these last weekend. I found the skein of handspun at the Bazaar Bizarre in the South End last weekend. It is from misshawklet and is really beautiful blues and greens. I think I might make something out of it for someone for christmas, or keep it. The ball in the middle is Noro Iro that will become a scarf for my sister really soon! Before Christmas!! It is green and brown and sky blue and grey, it is really nice, and one of the only non super girly colors I've seen. My sister is too cool for girly colors.

This is me starting new Grandma Mittens for my mom. My sister got some last year, now it is my mom's turn. This pattern is really interesting-- basically you are knitting at a very tight gauge for the yarn, at least the way my Grandmother modified it (fortunately she wrote notes) so the fabric is v. stiff. I can understand why, knitting mittens for seven kids in the Maine winter. My grandmother was a professor, so I can see her not really wanting to make new mittens every year. Really, I can't see anyone wanting to knit new mittens every year for seven children. At any rate, I only have a little bit of the cuff done. I'll post progress as progress is made.

OK, now I get to knit for half an hour, then I get to study more, because studying is its own reward!


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Blogger Sarah said...

I *love* that little sweater with the llama and cactus! SO cute!!!

Welcome to Blogland, by the way :)

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