Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bridge Over the River Kwai

I walked over the Bridge over the River Kwai today. I'm doing some work with refugees in Thailand for winter term. Don't worry, there is knitting relevance! First off, I didn't end up knitting on my like 30 hour journey because I made the mistake of not casting on the socks I wanted to knit before I left. So I read and watched movies and slept and drooled on my neighbor instead. But I think soon I will cast them on, I'm finally not horribly jet lagged.

Also: The refugee population I'm working with has 84 weavers/knitters in it. People love fiber around the world. I haven't met any yet, but if I do, I'll report back. Expect bloggage to be spotty and pictureless for the next three weeks, but I'll try to mention any stunning knitting news.


Blogger PassionKNITly said...

why couldn't you cast on on the plane?

6:56 AM  

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