Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Too many pictureless posts make a bad blog

This is the first day in two months when I haven't either been in Baltimore or doing clinic. So, I knit. On one of my UFOs, the urban outfitter's circle shrug that I started in October. I made progress. I am hoping to knit some more soon. I also have about four rounds of ribbing on my first Jaywalker done. It has seen all different parts of Thailand and Kuala Lumpur. But it isn't much to look at. Yet. I'll get some pictures up of the sights it saw and some boring mock rib on my urban outfitter's shrug. I promise. I know my hiatus has sort of caused all three readers I had to do something better with their time, but I swear, this thing is going to be looking up soon! I'm not usually so fickle, just some unusually fascinating law school things going on. As soon as I knitted again, I blogged!


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Open the floodgates of blogging!!!

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