Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where I've knit

Oh oh oh! Kat is having a contest about where you have knit, which I think is cool. Here are mine:

1. On the banks of the River Kwai, Thailand.
2. On the coastof Maine.
3. The MARC Train-- especially fun when the train quits from heat exhaustion and you and hundreds of other commuters are stuck in a car without air conditioning. And you wonder why everyone carries those little bottles in paper bags they got from the conveniently-next-to -the-MARC entrance liquor store.
4. The T. Same thing, different city. Less break downs though.
5. Harvard Law School, outside on a sunny Boston day. (That has got to be up there in rarity!)

Baaaaad Blogger

Ok, I suck. But it is nice out, and I'm going to see the Yarn Harlot!!!!! today at Porter Square Books. I couldn't wait to tell you. I also have made it to the actual jaywalker pattern on my jaywalker sock I started in Kanchanaburi. I like that the yarn has been all over the world with me. I'll post a pic of that soon, because I got rechargeable batteries for my camera! Maybe the sock will meet the Yarn Harlot's sock! Also I found this pic of Jenn knitting just before New Years at home back in RI. I miss RI and having all my friends there!jennknitting